GR Korea - AMCHAM Singapore 2024 Election Watch: The Future of South Korea

Speaker_Juyun Moon.jpg
D-1 of Korea's General Election - Korea’s political parties are accelerating their finally rally to assembly the voter base. 
In this crucially important milestone, Juyun Moon, Executive Director of The GR Company and Head of Operations in Korea, was invited to speak at the AMCHAM Singapore on Korean elections. She presented about a deep dive into current state of play between the two main political parties, key issues for voters, and the implications for businesses. 
Juyun Moon stated that “the start of a new NA cycle and the emergence of new faces in the NA can accelerate the speed of policy discussion and process.” Therefore, while it is certainly interesting to follow how politics will unfold, “businesses should ensure they understand how the new landscape and upcoming political events may impact their business.”