International Policy Forum on General Election Analysis

Thank you for joining GR Korea's International Policy Forum (IPF) on General Election Analysis.

We were delighted to hold this timely event by inviting two of Korea's best public opinion and election experts, Yoon Hee-woong (OpinionLive) and Lee Sang-il (KSTAT Research) as featured speakers, who have shared their insight on election results based on their extensive background of working at the Presidential Office and leading public opinion institutes for more than 20 years.

During the event, in-depth analysis of election results from both the ruling party and the opposition party's perspective, prospects for policy direction and political dynamics after the election, and implications for business were shared and discussed with more than 40 excellent guests from major global companies.

Amidst various political changes ahead, including potential cabinet reshuffling and the new 22nd National Assembly taking their 4-year term from the end of May, it remains extremely important to navigate the political and policy landscape based on expert analysis.

Please stay tuned for GR Korea's political newsletters and events for expert analysis on Korean politics and policies.