GR Korea hosts first International Policy Forum event in Korea


GR Korea was honoured to welcome Dr. Jiyoon Kim, a popular radio and TV commentator on Korean politics and elections, as the guest speaker at the first International Policy Forum webinar in Korea.  The subject of the webinar was Korea’s National Assembly Election - Implications for Government and the Economy in the Covid-19 World, and it was hosted by Juyun Moon, Team Leader for GR Korea.

Dr. Kim shared her analysis of the results and provided valuable insights into the implications of the landslide victory of President Moon Jae-in’s Democratic Party.  The party and its allies won 180 out of 300 seats in the National Assembly, with the highest voter turnout in decades.

The result gives President Moon a mandate to advance his income-led growth policies, although they may be hard to realise against the backdrop of Covid-19.  President Moon can also expect backing from the legislature for his political reforms, which could include constitutional amendment.  Dr. Kim also discussed the impact of the results on Korea’s relations with the US, China and Japan, and the prospects for the 2022 presidential elections.  Dr. Kim's presentation was followed by Q&A, answering participants’ questions on a subjects ranging from political polarisation, advice for the conservative camp, and Korea’s international relations.