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The Korean New Deal

Following our look at the Korean government’s Covid-19 response, our latest infographic highlights the key politics and projects the government is enacting as part of the Korean New Deal, which aims to digitalise and green the Korean economy.For more updates on the Korean policy landscape, please follow our LinkedIn page.

The government's efforts against COVID-19

Following from our previous infographic on the Korean government’s policy agenda for 2021, this infographic highlights the key strategies the government has used to combat Covid-19 so far.

Korea's Key Policy Agenda in 2021

On 11 January 2021, Korean President Moon Jae-in delivered his New Year’s Address. Our infographic highlights the key focal points of his agenda this year.

GR Korea, part of The GR Group, provides a full range of professional government relations and public affairs services in Korea (including stakeholder and issue mapping, intelligence gathering, advocacy and public affairs campaigns). For more updates on the Korean policy landscape, please follow our LinkedIn page.

My Internship experience at GR Korea

The GR Group offers an excellent internship program for talented university students and graduates, many of whom are seeking to pursue a career in government relations.

We sat down with Sungeun An, who spent five months at GR Korea, to ask about her experience as an intern.

1. Why did you decide to join GR Korea?

GR Korea hosts first International Policy Forum event in Korea

GR Korea was honoured to welcome Dr. Jiyoon Kim, a popular radio and TV commentator on Korean politics and elections, as the guest speaker at the first International Policy Forum webinar in Korea.  The subject of the webinar was Korea’s National Assembly Election - Implications for Government and the Economy in the Covid-19 World, and it was hosted by Juyun Moon, Team Leader for GR Korea.