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Yoon Administration's Policy Priorities

The incoming Yoon administration - which will take office in only a few days - has released a list of its policy priorities on May 3 for the upcoming five-year term. This list of 110 goals will constitute the achievements the new administration will most try to pursue, over other policies. The goals are categorised in 6 key overarching fields and objectives: politics, economy, society, future, diplomacy, and local.

2022 Korean Presidential Election

16 March, 2022

This year's presidential election was by far the most unpredictable race in Korean election history, with People Power Party candidate Yoon Suk-yeol defeating his main opponent Lee Jae-myung of the Democratic Party by a razor-thin 0.73%. Following his victory, Yoon will now organize a presidential transition committee to map out the key policies of the new administration with reference to his manifesto. He will be inaugurated on 10 May. 


17 February, 2022

This infographic is the following series of the previous infographic on Korea's upcoming presidential election 2022. The presidential race is still too close to call as the front runner of the race continues to change. This infographic provides the latest poll results and the key election pledges of the leading and rising candidates.

My Internship at GR Korea (2)

The GR Group offers an excellent internship program for talented university students and graduates, many of whom are seeking to pursue a career in government relations.

We sat down with Daeun Lee  to ask about her experience as an intern.

1. Why did you decide to join GR Korea?

2021 National Assembly Audit at a glance

Following our previous introduction to Korea's National Assembly audit, this infographic highlights three policy areas profoundly raised at the parliamentary audit that came to an end last week.

National Audit of State Administration

The 2021 National Audit will be conducted for 21 days, beginning 1 October. This infographic highlights the main procedures of the National Audit and its industry implications.